SOP for Patent Applications

We set up a complete SOP for Patent Applications to analyze, control and compare the cases from our clients.

【1】SOP for Patent Applications:

SOP for Patent Applications
  • Interview for Advice:We will specify specialists to interview with our clients, fully understand the details and characteristics of technological contents for Patent Applications, and give our clients correct advice. We will sign confidentiality contracts with our clients and receive full documentation concerning the details of all of the technologies.
  • File Applications for Review:Our clients must first sign contracts with us so that we can establish cases and compose patent specifications and draft drawings (which will need 15 – 20 days to complete) for our clients to confirm. We will ask our clients to remit a specified amount of money to our bank account, issue an invoice to our clients, file patent applications to the Intellectual Property Office of MOEA and send copies of our applications and receipts from the Intellectual Property Office of MOEA to our clients.
  • Approval from the Certification Authority:After the reviewing period, we will immediately notify our clients to pay for patent certifications and annual fee after we receive approval from the Intellectual Property Office of MOEA. Then, we will send the patent certificates to our clients. The SOP for patent applications shall complete once our clients receive the patent certificates. However, our clients still need to pay the annual fee each year. We will notify our clients to pay the annual fee in time, and help our clients through the SOP for Annual Fee Payment. 。

【2】Patent application required documents:

Patent application required documents