Free Services

Oger International Trademark and Patent Office offers a wide range of free services, including Trademark queries, category analysis, planning for applications, Intellectual Property Rights Inspections, infringement counselling, and bulletin information both in Taiwan and foreign countries. You are welcomed to make a call and we will provide solutions to your problems.

Trademark queries : we will tell you if there are similar trademarks already registered or filed for applications.

Category Analysis : There are many type of products. Which type is better?

Planning for Applications : You can only effectively protect your rights and interests with the most complete protection.

Intellectual Property Rights Inspection : You have so many certificates. But are you sure that there are no loopholes?

Infringement Counselling : will you infringe upon someone else’s rights when you are using these trademarks and patents? What can you do if someone else has trademarks and patents similar to yours?

Revelation of information : We provide information on our bulletinboards so that you can obtain the latest news quickly.